Heryong Kwon


Heryong Kwon is a Korean cooking teacher/ cuisine designer and has been in Singapore for about 4 years. She has been working as the official trainer of People’s Association by Singapore, to introduce Korean cuisines to the locals.

Coming from a family who run F&B businesses in Tokyo and Seoul, Heryong Kwon delved into similar footsteps to promote the Korean cuisine. She is especially inspired by her mom who is a famous Korean cooking instructor for events and TV shows and also the editorial supervisor for the food & cuisine shown in the award winning Korean drama Dae Jang Guem.

Heryong Kwon has stayed with her family in Japan, Korean and Australia and has been introducing local ingredients into her recipes. She now runs www.Koreancooking.sg where she shares her culinary journey in hope of inspiring others.

Heryong Kwon completed a chef training course of the Joseon Dynasty royal cuisine at the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine and a course of royal Korean dessert at The Institute of Royal Korean Dessert in Seoul, Korea.

HP: www.koreancooking.sg
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/koreancooking.sg/
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