About Us

Who are we?

Spoonful is the brainchild of Alchemist Pte Ltd - a Singapore based Japanese affiliated marketing company specialising in culinary events. Spoonful itself is a unique melting pot where Cooking Workshops, Food & Beverage events and the latest happenings of the gastronomical world meets. At Spoonful, we have been teaching, establishing and spreading the love for food & ingredients ever since its establishment in August 2014. One can learn about the gastronomy and attend events where the gurus of the culinary world gather or even reference recipes from popular chefs and food specialists alike!

Our Brand

The Spoonful brand was built upon our philosophy of "Food For Thought With a Smile ". Through Food & Cooking events and F&B activities, we want to increase the awareness and attention paid to Food & Ingredients by educating the public on the origins of food and how precious our source of food is; especially in communities where food is aplenty.

Just like how all life begins, we’d like our culinary journey to start with planting and sowing seeds, nurturing them until harvest where food is ultimately served on your plate. Let's change the world starting from our gardens and farms, to our kitchens and through cooking with us. Let’s promote this awareness, one spoonful at a time.

What We Do

Discover the culinary master in you!
At Spoonful, we conduct Cooking Workshops where one can learn the art of cooking & baking and many more.

Our Services To The Public:

- Organizing Unique Cooking Classes & Tasting Events

- Private Cooking Lessons

We offer Private Class at your home kitchen or your preferred venue when you need  A fun and unique ladies’ night or birthday celebration; your themed dinner party; a welcome or farewell party for your family and friends to experience or bring back memorable culture experiences

- Cooking Classes for Birthday Occasions (both adults and kids)

- Corporate Team Building Events


Simmer with the Industry!
Spoonful provides top-notch event arrangements & networking opportunities for F&B related happenings & occasions. If you’re looking to establish and promote your culinary related brand or product, look no further and get in touch with us now!

Our Services to Corporates:

- Listing of culinary events info

- F&B related Marketing Research

- PR Services

- Recipe Creations

- Food Styling

- Content Creation

- Culinary Events Coordination and Set Up (eg. Cooking Demonstrations, Trade Events, Food Fairs etc)


Corporate Social Responsibility

At Spoonful, we do our part in environmental sustainability. We value our relationship with food more than anything and always treat our food with respect. When we first found out how much food wastage is happening in Singapore, we were very much disheartened. From then, we have set a mission and resolved ourselves to build a more collaborative, less wasteful and sustainable Singapore within a vision of food education models that work together to feed communities... [read more]

Our Spoonful Team

Come meet and learn from our friendly and helpful resident instructors!

Madame Eiko Simon

Culinary Instructor Madame Eiko Simon lived in Paris for more than 15 years and mastered her skills at several culinary schools including Boulangerie (Baker shop in French). Armed with her very own homemade French cuisine recipes which were passed down by her mother-in-law, she now stays in Singapore with her French husband and works as a culinary instructor and an event coordinator at Spoonful. In Singapore, she teaches at the Japanese Association regularly too.
Cooking certification: Ryo-ken (Tokyo 2014) Master Chef Techniques, La Cuisine des Chefs (Paris 2013-4) French-bread making, MAISON LANDEMAINE (Paris 2015) Ecole de Boulangerie EBP (Paris 2014).

講師: シモン英子
現在シンガポールにてSpoonfulのパン、フランス料理講師として活躍中。フランス人の義母から受け継いだフランスの食文化のご紹介も、料理と合わせてクラス内でご紹介し、一度で2度美味しいクラスを実施中。 シンガポール日本人会でもレギュラー講師として日本のパンクラスを担当。
Ryo-ken (Tokyo 2014) Master Chef Techniques | La Cuisine des Chefs (Paris 2013-4)  | MAISON LANDEMAINE ( Paris 2015 ) | Ecole de Boulangerie EBP


Masayo Satoh

EDUCATION・Kagoshimajunshin Junior College Nutritionist course 2007.4-2009.3

QUALIFICATIONS(Japan):  Department of Food and Nutrition, Kagoshima Junshin Junior College

  • - Dietitian
  • - Food hygiene supervisor
  • - Food Scientist
  • - Nutrition Education Planner
  • - Table Coordinator

Satoh moved to Singapore in 2019 after volunteering as a nutritionist in Malaysia since 2017. Currently, she is working as a nutritionist and is a mother of a daughter and son.

Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/masaasia1108

Instagram: https://instagram.com/masa_tasty_mikan?igshid=i8ygxc915vxl

佐藤 雅代

EDUCATION・ Kagoshimajunshin Junior College Nutritionistcourse 2007.4-2009.3鹿児島純心短期大学 食物栄養専攻QUALIFICATIONS(Japan)










Michael Lau

A distinguished chef in the industry, Chef Michael trained from a tender age in the art of Chinese cuisine. His expertise seasoned over decades of hard work- first as an apprentice, and then as a partner- to his father, one of the legendary 4 Heavenly chefs of Singapore. Together, they built their restaurant, Phoenix court, into a reputable eatery for people to enjoy exquisite Chinese cuisine.

Driven by his constant passion to improve his culinary art, Chef Michael came to a decision to close his restaurant after 10 years, and peruse courses in Washington State University and Seattle Culinary Academy. He distinguished himself, graduating with a more polished mind and broader skill set.

Upon his return to Singapore, Chef Michael discovered his passion for teaching. With his vast knowledge and experience gained from years of hard work, he quickly became a well sought-after trainer. Today, he guides countless students on their paths to becoming great chefs like him.


Mizuho is Spoonful’s instructor specializing in Icing & Cookie Decorations. In 2017, she attained her diploma in Icing and started to teach in Muchen, Germany.  Now she teaches her specialty - icing class - at Spoonful Singapore. She cares deeply for the taste, design as well as food safety of her cookies. Mizuho is a mother of two to a lovely boy and a sweet little girl. Her classes can be kid-friendly as she is also very interactive with young children. Please enquire separately about private lessons and the lesson at children’s schools.
Certification:JSA(日本サロネーゼ協会公認)Icing Diploma.




Shoko Yamane

Being born into the family of a sushi restaurant in Osaka, Shoko grew up in an environment where food was always at hand and since young, she had always loved to eat. Under the influence of her father, she quickly learned about what it takes to be on the culinary road. And having an overachiever elder who is the head chef of one of the top luxury Japanese restaurants in Singapore only inspired her more and spurred her forward in achieving what she wants.

After graduating from university, Shoko went to a cooking college while working at a luxury hotel. She then started her career in a large Japanese restaurant group, a high-class restaurant in Singapore, a confectionery shop, and also made a name for herself in the restaurant industry.  Shoko currently works as Spoonful's event coordinator and business trip chef. She is a proud mother of two young children, she is exceptionally good at healthy home cooking for children.

Credentials: Graduated from the cafe section of the cooking school |  Cooking License | Food handler Certification (Singapore) |  Tea ceremony, Omotesen family (Introduction, lessons, decoration)

大阪の寿司屋の娘として生まれ、幼少の頃から食が身近にある環境で育ち、食べることが大好きに。 父の影響を受け、飲食の道に。 兄はシンガポールでも屈指の高級和食店の総料理長。


現在、Spoonfulのイベントコーディーネーターならびに出張料理人として活躍中。 2児の幼い子供の母である為、健康な子供向けの家庭料理が得意。

辻調理専門学校カフェ課卒業 | 調理師免許 | フードハンドラー(シンガポール)| 茶道・表千家(入門、習事、飾物)


During her 10 years stay in Paris, Yuki learned the art of Patisserie and traditional French cuisine cooking. She is a French national diploma “CAP (Certificat d’ Aptitude Professionnelle) Pâtissier” and also a Diploma of Sommelier holder. In her class, attendees can learn French Pâtisserie and traditional French cuisine cooking techniques in simple, easy-to-understand steps. Yuki now teaches pastry classes at Spoonful!

10年間のパリ滞在中に、フランス菓子・料理を学び、フランスのパティスリー国家資格CAPとソムリエ資格取得。 Spoonfulではフランスの製菓菓子本格的な味と技術を家庭でのベーキングに取り入れるよう工夫したクラスとワインのクラスを担当。



Our Contributors

Angelo Ciccone

Angelo Ciccone

Chef Angelo was born in Locorotondo near Bari in southeast Italy, where as he said, “Life is all about fresh seafood and good quality olive oil!” From the age of four, he would spend hours watching his mother cook. Her deft skills left him enthralled with the desire to become a chef just like her.
Astha Bhatia

Astha Bhatia

Astha has been baking since she was ten years old; lured by the need to stir together wonderful ingredients into little delights; by the sweet, rich tastes; and the light fluffy textures. Over the years, through her personal experiments, practice, ...
Cai Li Blakeman

Cai Li Blakeman

Cai Li Blakeman works for Spoonful as the Chinese Cooking instructor. Cai Li was born and raised in China and has lived in Beijing, Washington DC and Singapore. She received her culinary training at the Le Cordon Bleu in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014....
Candice Cheong

Candice Cheong

Candice Cheong heads Marketing at Spoonful. She stems from an Advertising and Marketing Communications background having graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia and has been working in the media industry for more than 18 years. Her passion...
Chiyomi Kawasaki

Chiyomi Kawasaki

Ms Chiyomi believes in delicious and healthy food that people could eat every day and feel warm, satisfied and relieved after their meals. Japanese food is often considered difficult to prepare but her style of teaching makes it simple.
Daisuke Kawai

Daisuke Kawai

    Kawai has over 20 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry, specialising in wines, sake and whisky. His career has been awarded many times by international Agencies such as Japan Sommelier Association, Academy of Wines of...
Diego Martinelli

Diego Martinelli

Originally from Bologna, situated in the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, Diego is a motivated and dynamic cooking professional with international experience in luxury hotels and have a successful team such as the Ferrari Racing department in Maranello, Italy.
Fabrizio Righi

Fabrizio Righi

Chef, Trainer & Educator Fabrizio Righi is a 49-year-old Italian, who has done almost all walks of life and currently resides in Singapore. Coming from an Aristocratic Southern Italy, he attained a Master in Business Administration and could speak...
Heryong Kwon

Heryong Kwon

  Heryong Kwon is a Korean cooking teacher/ cuisine designer and has been in Singapore for about 4 years. She has been working as the official trainer of People’s Association by Singapore, to introduce Korean cuisines to the locals. Coming from a...
Kawasaki duAro

Kawasaki duAro

  The Kawasaki dual-arm duAro robot serves coffee using an off-the-shelf coffee maker. duAro is smart enough to pick up the selected coffee capsule and put it into the coffee machine, takes an empty cup and places it in place, presses the ...
Linda Dionne Ng

Linda Dionne Ng

Chef Linda’s grandparents ran food stalls as well as a coffee shop. Her Father himself is a good cook. From an early age, she was stationed next to him whenever he cooked, acting as his little assistant. His sous chef , no less. You could say, wi...


Mako worked as a food educator for kids and as a cooking instructor for a major cooking studio in Japan before joining the Spoonful team. Having graduated with a diploma from Food Life Coordinator and gaining experience from Food Advisor for Children ...
Manjunath Mural

Manjunath Mural

The First Michelin Star for Indian Cuisine in Southeast Asia   Chef Manjunath Mural is the first Indian Executive chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia. As Executive Chef of Song of India, a modern Indian restaurant th...
Masataka Yamashita

Masataka Yamashita

Chef Yamahita Masataka was trained in Tsuji Culinary Institute, a well-known & respected culinary institute in Osaka, Japan. He worked at various patisseries around Japan before starting his own Patisserie in Nara. The patisserie quickly became one...


  Spoonful's Culinary Instructor Reiko, has had a keen interest in cooking ever since her teenage years. While staying in the UK, she discovered the importance of using healthy ingredients and local products in her meals and has since stuck...
Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong, known to many by her online avatar Little Miss Bento, became a huge online sensation and gained a mass following when she started posting her cute Japanese bento lunchbox creations and unique sushi art rolls on her blog and social media...
Takuma Seki

Takuma Seki

If you ask Chef Takuma Seki if the world of culinary arts was his first choice of vocation after high school in 1993, this affable son of Niigatawould tell you that if not for his acrophobia(fear of heights), he may have remained a building contractor...

Our Partners

We’d like to thank all our clients, partners and sponsors for their support to Spoonful

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June 2018

Spoonful's adorable character bento was featured on a local drama titled Love At Cavenagh Bridge加文纳桥的约定 - EP3 第三集《七年. This drama is available on Toggle. View the full episode here! 


28 October 2017

Article on Japanese Media NNA Asia where Spoonful participated in a PR event promoting Japanese Pork. The event was graced by  Mr. Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister (pictured right).

June 2017
Featured Article & Recipes in the Celeb Chef Recipes of I-Weekly Magazine

July-August 2017
Contribution of Recipes & Information about Bento and Donburi to the feature articles titled "Boxed Up" and "Donburi Bowls" of SAVOUR magazine.

May 2017
Featured Article in Wanwei.sg 《制作小笼包原来不难! 来Spoonful学烹饪

14 Jan 2016
Spoonful got featured in Channel 8's  (local Chinese TV channel) programme named 《玩物壮志》:学习日式烹饪 推广环保理念. Check out the awesome video feature here!

27 Aug 2015

Celebrating Spoonful's first year anniversary, we did an event with Choya Umeshu and created original recipes! Check out our feature here on Hai Japan!