Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong, known to many by her online avatar Little Miss Bento, became a huge online sensation and gained a mass following when she started posting her cute Japanese bento lunchbox creations and unique sushi art rolls on her blog and social media channels.

Despite having a full time job, Shirley wakes up early almost every day to prepare her bento boxes and shares them with her followers and fans. She then eats the bento for her lunch or sometimes for breakfast.

Currently the top bento artist and blogger based in Singapore, Shirley has won many awards for her bento creations and has been featured in numerous both local and international media platforms and publications. Aside from her personal blog, Shirley also writes for Bento&co, a leading bento store based in Kyoto.

She is also the first and only Singaporean to be certified under the Japan Sushi Instructor Association in Tokyo. Shirley regularly conducts bento classes and workshops for individuals, groups and corporations.

A huge lover of the Japanese culture and cuisine, and a strong believer of achievable home-style recipes and cooking tips, Shirley likes to share the know-hows of creating cute bento lunch boxes with ease and lots of fun!

Find out more about Shirley and her creations on her blog and social media channels.

*“Bento making is a combination of three of my favorite things in life – Japanese culture, food and art” *
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