Linda Dionne Ng

Chef Linda’s grandparents ran food stalls as well as a coffee shop. Her Father himself is a good cook. From an early age, she was stationed next to him whenever he cooked, acting as his little assistant. His sous chef, no less. You could say, with this early exposure, she has been trained from young to understand the intricacies of Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques. She developed an instinct about food and cooking and picked up such secrets not taught in cookbooks or classes.

Linda loves food. In one way or another, all her favourite memories revolved around food. She’s fascinated with every aspect of it: from dreaming up recipes to feasting on the results. Most important to her is the social platform that food provides in bringing people together. She immensely enjoys the expressions of delight from her guests.

The Peranakan Cuisine is especially dear to her. When she was newly married, she wanted to be able to offer her Baba husband his comfort foods in the best way she knew how. Dutifully and painstakingly, she learned the ropes and today she is much admired for her Peranakan specialties. Particularly interesting, is the way she sometimes throws in her very own creative interpretation.

Soon, sought after for her Peranakan dishes such as Nonya Achar, Assam Fish, Ayam Buah Keluak, Nonya Fish Maw Soup, Chap Chay, she started to give cooking lessons.

For Linda, cooking is an expression of love, of who she is, where she has been, her life experiences.

It is her great pleasure to be able to share her passion with you.

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