Hojicha Cupcake with Murasaki Imo Frosting

The classy rich flavor of Hojicha goes exceptionally well baked in a cupcake! Frosted with the delectable Murasaki Imo frosting made with Japanese purple sweet potato, the two is truly a match made in heaven.


Makes 22 Mini Cupcakes


Butter                                  50g

Sudakitoh Sugar                70g

Egg                                      1 (about 50g)

Flour                                    100g

Baking Powder                   4g

Hojicha Powder 13g


Cream Cheese    100g

Unsalted Butter   50g

Icing Sugar   20g

Murasaki imo powder   20g



  1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.
  2. Cream the butter and Sudakitoh sugar well.
  3. Whisk the egg and add it into the creamed butter & sugar mixture over 2 to 3 times.
  4. Sift in flour, baking powder and hojicha powder.
  5. Mix the batter until combined evenly and there are no lumps.
  6. Put the batter into a piping bag and pipe the batter into a cupcake mould (3/4 full).
  7. Bake at 170 degree C for about 15 to 20 mins.


  • Cream butter till light & fluffy.
  • Add in the cream cheese and mix well.
  • Combine both.
  • Sift in icing sugar, murasaki imo powder into the cream cheese mixture and mix well.

Pro Tip:

If the frosting gets too hard, add a tea spoon of milk.


Hojicha powder used is from Harada Seicha. Distributed by Shiki International Pte Ltd
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