Home-made Fruit Enzyme Juice

Did you know that extracting enzymes from fruits is usually done through a fermentation process and you can make a concentrated enzyme drink? These beverages contain probiotics, antioxidants, and enzymes, as such, it can bring about many health benefits including aiding digestion, boosting immunity, improving skin tone & complexion, alkalizing body, and many more.


Choice of fruit            500g (chopped into small pieces)
Caster Sugar             550g


Sanitized wide neck jar/bottle     1.5 litre capacity
Kitchen towel                              1 piece
Sanitized tablespoon                  1

Chop the fruit into small pieces

In a clean and sanitized glass bottle or jar, place a layer of sugar, followed by a layer of chopped fruit. Try to achieve at least 5 layers and cover the top layer with sugar.

Place a piece of kitchen paper to cover the opening of the jar so that it can breathe and then leave the jar in a cool area, at room temperature.

Once a day, use a sanitized tablespoon and stir the contents about 50 times. Replace the kitchen cover and let it sit again.

Once you see bubbles, the fermentation process has started. When it’s ready, strain the fruits from the water and store both fruit residue and juice in the fridge.

Consume within 3 months