Langue de Chat Cookie Template Mat – Hearts


Langue de Chat, (literally Cat’s Tongue in French) is a kind of French confectionery cookie with a crunchy and light texture. Shapes of Langue de Chat varies but the most traditional and common shapes are elongated ovals resembling a cat’s tongue, squares, and circles.

Over the years cute and more modern designs have started to surface and bears and heart shapes are ever popular.

Our Langue de Chat Cookie Template Mat is a mold for imprinting the cookie dough creating a clean-cut shape. This certainly saves a lot of time if you want to create unique or shapes that are consistent in size.

With our Langue de Chat Cookie Template Mat, anyone can easily make cute shapes conveniently at home. This would make a perfect gift!

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Langue de Chat


Langue de Chat Cookie Mat – Hearts

Size per cookie: width 50 x height 45mm
Outer dimensions:240mm x 180mm x 2mm thickness
1 Heart shape: Approximately 50mm * 45mm
Colour: Brown
Material silicon
Heat-resistant temperature: 230 ℃
Cold-resistant temperature: -40 ℃
Original design by Cotta.