Delightful Rabbit and Bear Silicone Mould


Rabbit and Bear Silicone Mould

Silicone Mould
With this grey Rabbit & Bear 2-shapes-in-1 silicone mould, you get double the fun and value for money!

This Rabbit and Bear Silicone Mould is a convenient and cute mould that can be used to make chocolate, frozen desserts as well as baked cakes or pastries. Perfect for gifts or just have it for your own tea time!

It is excellent in heat conduction, comes with a good mould release and is easy to clean after use.

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Rabbit & Bear Silicone Mould

Overall Size: 183.6 × 173.6mm
Rabbit Size: 69mm × 33mm × H27mm (approx)
Bear Size: 69mm × 43mm × H27mm (approx)

Silicone Rubber. Suitable for chocolate, frozen or baked desserts.



Temperature Resistance
-40 ℃ to 230℃

Country of Origin:

Care Instructions:
・Please wash the Rabbit & Bear Silicone Mould gently with dishwashing detergent before using.
・Please ensure you dry it well after use or storing.
・Do not use a scrubbing brush or strong chemical agents to clean it as this will damage the material. Please use a soft sponge for cleaning.
・Please grease the mould before using with cake batter to ensure an easy release.
・Please do not use it on an open flame.
・The product is dishwasher, oven and microwave friendly
・Please do not use it on an open flame.
・Product might have a slight silicone rubber smell before first use.
・Product is soft and flexible, go ahead and turn it inside-out for thorough washing.