Janice Wong Limited Edition Mooncakes Box Set (2019)


Limited Edition Janice Wong 2019 Mooncakes Box Set

The Mooncake Box Set (S$65) is a box of nine specially curated snow-skin mooncakes, inspired by various Japanese ingredients representing its respective prefectures. Having carried out research and development processes since the early part of the year, Janice has personally travelled to the prefectures herself to source out only the highest-quality and most distinctive ingredients to create her unique take on the traditional Chinese festival snack.



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Limited Edition Janice Wong 2019 Mooncakes Box Set

Featuring one-of-a-kind flavours such as kinako (roasted soy flour) from Hokkaido, ume (Asian plum) from Wakayama, hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) from Kyoto and chestnut from Kumamoto, each mooncake embodies the signature flavour profiles of each prefecture
in Japan.

1. Kinako (roasted soy flour) from Hokkaido
2. Yuzu from Kochi
3. Sweet Potato from Tokushima
4. Ume (Asian plum) from Wakayama
5. Azuki (red bean) from Mie / Aichii
6. Matcha (Japanese green tea) from Shizuoka
7. Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) from Kyoto
8. Chestnut from Kumamoto
9. Peanut from Chiba