Our Partners

At Spoonful, we work with some of the most prestigious and dedicated companies to the Food & Beverage industry. They have helped us stay true to our vision and aided us greatly in achieving our objectives. We’d like to give thanks to all our clients, partners and sponsors for their support! Check out who they are here! 


"We support company's business expansion in Singapore.  Spoonful Expert in culinary events is our partner for food related inquiry from our customers. They create recipes, manage events & cooking classes using our customer's products that are well received by locals. We always trust their work.""
-Nihon Assist Singapore

"Spoonful is always very dedicated in the planning & preparation work even when there were a few occasions where they had to work on short notice. Their cooking instructors are engaging, professional and are well-oriented in new venues wherever we need them for our events."
- JR-East Singapore

"It has been my pleasure working with Spoonful They are the very passionate on culinary events and always make the events fun and organized. Looking forward to working with Spoonful again.
-Chef Mural (Song of India)"
“I learned new things and enjoyed the session very much”
–Z.L, Yee

“The recipe is easy to cook at home. Instructions are clear and the ambience is casual & friendly. The food we cooked tastes great!”
– Ms J. Lim

“I enjoyed every course and Chef's style of culinary is fantastic! I had such a great time, I definitely want to make the recipes I learned at home. The ambience of the class is casual, friendly, and very relaxing. I don’t feel pressured at all”
– Moonberry