Popular Japanese Shaved Ice Cafe SAKANOUE opens pop-up store at Isetan Singapore

Popular Japanese Shaved Ice Cafe Sakanoue has opened a pop-up store at @Isetan Singapore Basement 1, showcasing their prized Kakigori (shaved ice) desserts! Their shaved ice is structured like a parfait and unlike the Korean Bingsu, the ice is flavoured with syrup and then finished with cream or Espuma foam.

Raved to have served up to 4-hour queues in Tokyo, this is a must-try for any Japanese dessert lover!

Be sure to pay a visit to their pop-up cafe and check out these amazing flavours:

1) Strawberry Ice Cake – Shaved ice that looks like a shortcake. This one brings sweet and sour tones in the strawberry syrup with fluffy fresh cream Espuma. Enjoy the change in texture with freeze-dried strawberries inside. Plenty of satisfaction and little guilt. $13

2) Sake cream & Cherry blossoms – With Japanese cherry blossoms as the leading role, rich taste with sake and white bean paste. $13

3) Blue Cheese Red Beans Paste – Cheese chips baked in fluffy blue cheese Espuma, with delicious raw honey from Yamanashi, Japan. Inside, you can find Japanese red bean paste and rum raisins. -$13 (Rum raisins contain alcohol)

4) Pistachio Raspberries – Fluffy pistachio Espuma made with high quality Italian pistachio and decorated with raspberry pearl chocolate. -$13

5) Anko, Cream and Panda – Softly sweet red bean paste from Japan and fluffy fresh cream Espuma Inside, you’ll find strawberry and cherry flavoured Domyoji – $13

We can go on describing forever but really you’ll need to taste it to truly enjoy this scrumptious dessert!

Period: 24 February – 9 March 2023 Place: Basement 1, Isetan Scotts Supermarket, 350 Orchard Road Shaw House 238868 Opening hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm