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Japanese Steak

  Ingredients 300 gm Washugyu Tenderloin Steak ¼ tsp Sea Salt ¼ tsp  Coarse Black pepper   Instructions Thaw Washugyu Tenderloin steak for 8-12 hours in the chiller. Take out the meat from the packaging and wipe off the juice from the meat. Rest the steak at room temperature for 30 mins or until it…

Margherita Pizza

By Massimo Aquaro   Ingredients: ~Pizza Dough~ For about 4 pieces. Tray size: 28cm x 20cm   Flour                  500g Water                 1/4litre(250ml) Dry Yeast           1/2 teaspoon Salt                    1.5 teaspoon (4.5g) Extra virgin olive oil    1 or 1.5 tablespoon   ~Sauce~ Tomato Puree        250g…

Classic Lemon Tart Recipe

French-style lemon tart filled with creamy lemon curd in a crumbly tart crust that tastes just like a cookie. This classic tarte au citron will certainly wow you with it’s sweet and tangy flavours, balanced with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh fruit.

Simple Matcha Tiramisu

This simple no-bake Matcha Tiramisu recipe is rich, creamy and simply delicious! The goodness of matcha just takes this Italian dessert to a whole new level! Serve it whole or in small containers as individual servings, you’re bound to score some brownie points with this one!

Matcha Cupcake Recipe

Recipe from Gold Kili You don’t need an oven, or expensive or hard to acquire ingredients to bake these delicious matcha cupcakes. Lightly steamed and infused with matcha fragrance throughout the cake and its cream cheese frosting, these cupcakes are just the right sweetness for birthday parties or an afternoon snack. 

Coffee Jelly Affogato Recipe

Recipe from Gold Kili Coffee foodies, your friends will wonder which Italian café you went to get this indulgent looking dessert. Meaning ‘drowned’ in Italian, affogato is ice cream that has been ‘drowned’ in coffee. We’ve taken this one step further with coffee jelly – perfect for cooling off in hot Singapore weather.