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Kid-Friendly Chinese Dim Sum – 5 Colour Xiao Long Bao

Saturday 26/01/2019 @ 11:00 - 13:30

$98 – $119

Looking for some culinary activity to create good bonding memories with your child and let them learn about the works of a chef? Welcome to our kids-friendly Xiao Long Bao class!

Xiao Long Bao is an extremely popular dim sum dish in Singapore. This yummy soup dumpling has been loved by folks across different cultures, Asian and Westerners, women and men, kids and adults alike. In the making of this humble dumpling that packs an explosive punch, Pork Jelly is an essential ingredient!

 In this class, we welcome children who are more than 5 years old and above. We use natural food dyes from vegetables such as spinach juice for green and beetroot juice for purple, tomato for red and edible charcoal powder for black! Absolutely no artificial food-colouring! All attendees will get hands-on practice at making this luxurious delicacy themselves! Kids will share the ingredients with parents.


Menu of Cooking
Colourful Xiao Long Bao with natural food dyes

Class Schedule

   – 30 mins, introduction and demonstration on Xiao Long Bao dough making
   – 15 mins  hands-on session – attendees practice on making the dough
   – 15 mins  demonstration and practice on making Xiao Long Bao fillings
   – 15 mins  demonstration on making the  wrappers and assembling the ingredients
   – 30 mins   hands-on session – attendees practice on the above
   – 15 mins   cook the Xiao Long Bao
   – 30 mins  lunchtime and enjoy the Xiao Long Bao


What’s included in the ticket fee

Class fee, ingredients, apron

About the Instructor:
Cai Li Blakeman











Cai Li Blakeman works for Spoonful as the Chinese Cooking instructor. Cai Li was born and raised in China and has lived in Beijing, Washington DC and Singapore. She received her culinary training at the Le Cordon Bleu in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014.  She is also a food consultant and blogger. She shares easy recipes and stories on homemade Chinese and Asian food on the Facebook page #sentosadough and her blog of www.lets-playdough.com.

Prior to pursuing her passion for cooking and culinary education, she was a PR and Communications professional and had held management positions in global firms including United Technologies Corporation (UTC), NEC, Edelman, Johnson Controls and Kimberly-Clark.

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**Child must be between the age of 6-18 years old to be entitled to children’s fare. Adolescents above the age of 18 will be considered as an adult and will need to pay adult fees. Please enquire separately for children under 6.



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