Ginger Mojito

Recipe from Gold Kili

The classic mojito is easy to make for parties but if you really want to take it up a notch, how about adding some spice to that fizz? Your friends will be none the wiser on the elegant simplicity of this cocktail. Go alcohol-free or create some buzz with a shot of spirits.

 1 sliced Lemon
 1 handful Mint leaf
 1 cup Ice cubes
 750ml Plain soda
 2 sachets Ginger drink
Additional Ingredients
 As you like Spirits
1. Place one handful of mint leaf and 1 sliced lemon in the jar
2. Use warm water to dilute the ginger powder
3. Add some ice cube in the jar
4. Pour the ginger drink in to the jar then add 750ml of soda
5. Stir it will and serve
6. Additionally you could pour in spirits (as desired)
Enjoy your Mojito!

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