Experience what Hokkaido has to offer and get hands-on with Japanese Rice Ball Making workshop and Traditional Mochi Pounding at NOKA

Singapore 23 December 2019 To commemorate the concerted efforts in promoting genuine, authentic and healthy Japanese food for export, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Co. Ltd and Doshin Logistics Co. Ltd (Doshin Group) is organising a one-day-only exclusive showcase of Japanese ingredients from Hokkaido at NOKA on Friday, 10 January 2020 followed by a NOKA Hokkaido Restaurant Fair (from 8th – 22nd January) at the restaurant where customers can have a taste of a specially crafted menu using the ingredients showcased.


Doshin Group is expecting a participation of ten Japanese food suppliers from different regions of Hokkaido. Each featuring their own unique products and are looking to explore partnerships at the showcase. Attendees can expect at least 20 different Hokkaido products including a prestige grade of Dried Sea Cucumber (Black Diamond) that goes for ¥48,000/120g (roughly S$550/120g). The event will also encompass a talk and tasting session presented by Gelato Master, Satoshi Takada (Champion of 2017 Gelato World Contest) from Rimo, and a live demonstration from Omusubi Master, Satoru Kawamura from Satsubei.


The event is an ideal platform for buyers and visitors to explore and learn about the variety and versatility of classic Japanese ingredients from Hokkaido and how these can be made accessible to the Japanese food lovers in Singapore

To demonstrate the flavours that Hokkaido has to offer, renowned chef Takuma Seki, Head Chef of NOKA, has crafted a series of delectable dishes for the theme, using these featured Japanese ingredients into his style of cooking. Sampling of these dishes will be available at the showcase on 10th January and the menu will be available to the public for ordering from 8th – 22nd January, only at NOKA. Chef Seki, who hails from Niigata Japan, is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in fine Japanese cuisine. Loved for his warm, approachable and jovial disposition, Chef Seki is also respected for his pride and professionalism in his culinary art. His sensibility is most clearly demonstrated in his usage of ingredients, technique and presentation to produce avant-garde combinations with intense flavours.

From Kani Miso Asparagus, Hotate Ceviche to Hokkaido Kaisen Don, one can savour the distinctive taste of Hokkaido brought to life by the hands of Chef Seki at NOKA! (Full Menu in below)

With rising popularity of Japanese cuisine in Singapore, a strong demand for genuine and authentic produce Japan is expected. Moreover, the vibrant dining scene here also allows for more experimentation with cross-cultural fusion creations, thereby opening up more opportunities to import safe and premium food products from Japan.


  • Meet and network with 10 participating suppliers of seafood, frozen as well as ready-to-eat Japanese packaged food. Sample 12 dishes created by the Head Chef Takuma Seki and other master chefs of NOKA.
  • Be entertained with a talk and tasting session presented by Gelato Master, Takada Satoshi, Champion of 2017 Gelato World Contest, introducing Gelato made with milk from Abashiri Hokkaido
  • Learn how to make Omusubi (Japanese Rice Balls) using rice from Hokkaido, from Omusubi Master Satoru Kawamura through an up close and personal demonstration.
  • Experience traditional Japanese New Year Mochi Pounding.
  • Take home a gift* from Hokkaido and stand a chance to win* S$100 worth of dining vouchers from NOKA (*Terms & Conditions apply).


About NOKA
NOKA is Southeast Asia’s first urban rooftop farm where more than 50 types of fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables are grown, all blissfully pesticide-free. Infused with microgreens, basil, Mexican tarragon, and blue pea -flowers lovingly tended by the
farmers of Edible Garden City, NOKA dishes dance to a joyous rhythm. NOKA embraces the ethical approach pioneered by Open Farm Community, their sister restaurant in Dempsey, and consider it their duty to reconnect people to food, to flavour, to soil and sea. Infinite respect for the planet means they make every effort to limit single-use plastics and recycle diligently while keeping water and energy consumption to a minimum. Waste is the enemy of taste. NOKA is a celebration of the riches provided by nature, from the carefully cultivated greenery of this beautiful garden city to the bountiful waters and pastures surrounding Niigata in Japan, which is also the birthplace of Head Chef Takuma Seki

About Chef Seki
Chef Seki, hails from Niigata Japan and is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in fine Japanese cuisine. Chef Seki is also respected for his pride and professionalism in his culinary art. His cuisine emphasizes strongly on classic Japanese dishes with a touch of discovery. By skilfully marrying local ingredients with Japanese cooking techniques, Chef Seki hopes to bring about a new level of appreciation for produce that can thrive in a densely populated metropolis. His sensibility is most clearly demonstrated in his usage of ingredients, technique, and presentation to produce avant-garde combinations with intense flavours. He is especially proud to promote ingredients from his home country of Japan and focuses strongly on Provenance. As Chef Seki advocates, “Food should be something sincere and uncomplicated. And customers must be happy, always!”


About Satoshi Takada
Chef Satoshi Takada, Director of the gelato shop “Risu no Mori” (now Rimo) in Abashiri city, inherited the business from his grandfather and proceeded to research about gelato to grow the business independently. As a young chef and business owner, he has won many competitions, which includes coming in first in the Japanese ranking at the 9th Sharbeth Festival (September 28-October 1, 2017, Palermo), Italy’s largest gelato international competition and also the gelato contest “Gelato a Due” at the 60th Gelato International Trade Fair “MIG” (December 1-4, 2019), lending prestige to his gelato and brand in the industry. He then teamed up with Chef Yushi Kamada of Tokyo Ryori Tonan in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, in a contest to explore new possibilities of dishes combined with gelato. Their work of expressing Japanese beauty with Cherry Salmon and Sesame Tofu has won high praises and evaluation from the judges. Rimo’s gelato is deemed to be one of Abashiri’s oldest and most popular products. Thanks to Chef Takada who has been busy promoting his Gelato at special events and exhibitions all throughout Japan. He has recently returned to Abashiri, and has
produced a number of gelatos which utilizes ingredients rooted from their distinctive regions.


About Chef Satoru Kawahara
Chef Satoru Kawahara calls himself an Omusubi (Japanese Rice ball) player. The early technique of making rice balls has attracted much attention these days, and there have been umpteen requests from events around the world. Since 2015, it has been convened by the Japan PR team commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the Hokkaido Agency. In recent years, chef has been teaching Japanese history, culture and rice balls making techniques at overseas universities and Japanese embassies.

He also appears regularly on Russian TV station Mir’s cooking program titled Hokuren’s TV. He makes commercial appearances in Hokkaido and has participated as a food coordinator. He has been appointed Sapporo Tourism Ambassador since 2019.
History of major appearances so far Hokkaido Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Tokachi Mainichi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Hokkaido TV Station, Hokkaido Radio Station, NHK News 9, Jalan, Hokkaido Walker, poroco, O.tone, airlines In-flight magazine, monthly ISM (Appearance on Kawabara cover), Russia / Moscow TV station Mir, Tire Marine TV, NHK World, BBC, CNN, Reuters, etc.


NOKA_ Hokkaido Menu_web


Hotate Ceviche     28
dry and fresh scallop, prawn cracker, coriander, lime juice, rooftop herbs
味付帆立貝バルク、海老せん、パクチー、ライム果汁、自家栽培ハーブ、「株式会社 ツクナカ」

Aburi Hotate Cake     12
Okhotsk scallop cake, fresh wasabi, rooftop vegetables
オホーツク海ほたてかまぼこ、わさび, 自家製野菜「株式会社マリン北海道」

Kani Miso Asparagus     18
green asparagus, parmigiano, crab innards

Mentai Mochi Butter     12
Japanese rice cake, spicy cod sh roe, Hokkaido butter, mozzarella cheese
餅、ぷちぷちめんたいこバター、北海道バター、モッツァレラチーズ「株式会社 ヤマダイふじた」

Black Diamond Namako Asparagus     28
soaked braised sea cucumber, green asparagus, shiitake mushroom, rooftop herbs
北海道産高級干海鼠、グリーンアスパラガス、シイタケ、自家栽培ハーブ「株式会社 キットブルー」

Vegetable Ninjamen     1
ヴェジタブル 忍者麺
tempura asparagus, eggplant and sweet potato, animal free ramen

Nishin Soba     15
Japanese buckwheat noodle, pacic herring, rooftop herbs

Aburi Salmon Roll     18
spicy cod sh roe, salmon, avocado, kanikama, ikura, rooftop herbs

Hokkaido Kaisen Don     35
dry scallop, grilled sweet shrimp, ikura, uni, snow crab, rooftop herbs, kizami wasabi
味付け帆立貝わさび味、焼き甘えび、いくら、うに、ずわい蟹、自家栽培ハーブ、刻みわさび「株式会社 ツクナカ」


Hokkaido Gelato by e Champion of 2017 Gelato World Contest     6
2 0 1 7 年ジェラートワールドチャンピオンの北海道ジェラート
choice of vanilla, matcha, chocolate, hazelnut, cream cheese
ヴァニラ、抹茶、チョコレート、ヘーゼルナッツ、クリームチーズからの選択「R I M O 」

Mochi & Gelato     12
餅ジェラート*  * N O K A のジェラート
choice of melon, coee, roasted green tea
メロン、コーヒー、ほうじ茶3 種からの選択+ 自家製ジェラート「株式会社 札米」


Shiso Cocktail 紫蘇カクテル     22
R e L i f e ( 紫蘇飲料) 「有限会社 P l a i s i r 」

Abashiri Craft Beer 5btls/Bucket     40
網走クラフトビール5 種
Ryuhyo Draft, Kangoku No Kuro Black, Shiretoko Draft, Okanoshizuku, Abashiri Premium
網走ビール5 種/ 5 種セットでの販売。「網走ビール株式会社」