Japanese Hosomaki Sushi Rolls


Sushi Rolls or Maki Sushi is made when you wrap sushi rice (vinegar flavoured rice) and other ingredients in nori seaweed. In Japan, it is Maki Sushi (巻き寿司). Check out our recipe for Maki Sushi by Chiyomi Kawasaki.


This recipe is by  Chiyomi Kawasaki



1 tbsp   Soy Sauce

1 tbsp   Mayonaise

Tuna     As you like

1 tbsp   Sesame Oil

1 bulb   Shallot

Nori seaweed – as you like

Cooked Sushi rice – ~75g per roll.

You may use other kinds of ingredients as fillings – cucumber, tamagoyaki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, imitation crab meat etc



  • Mix the soy sauce together with Mayonaise and then add it to the tuna and shallots.
  • Take a piece of nori seaweed (~18x22cm) and fold it in half by the longer side.
  • Cut it in half then place one sheet on top of a bamboo mat or any mat that can help you with rolling up the sushi.
  • Weigh out about 75g of cooked sushi rice then spread it out over the nori seaweed leaving about 1/4 of the top of the seaweed empty.
  • Build a guard or barrier by pushing up the rice that is at the top end of it.
  • Next place a couple of grains of rice right at the top corner of the seaweed to act as the sticking agent.
  • Place about 1 tablespoon of the tuna mixture and spread it horizontally in the middle of the rice, in the form of a long tube.
  • How to roll: Place your thumbs underneath the seaweed, and use your other three fingers on each hand, to press down on the ingredients. then gently lift up.
  • Bring the starting part of the seaweed to the line where the rice ends; pull it towards you once, then press down.
  • Lift up the bamboo mat then start rolling.
  • Check the roll. the seaweed should cover the entire roll completely. Place the ends downwards and then use the bamboo mat to gently press/ shape it to help it secure its shape.


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