Pikachu Bento Recipe

What could be more lovely than eating out of a creative bento! Here’s a quick and easy recipe to create a cute Pikachu bento! Healthy and fun for your kids!


Lettuce                        – 2 leaves

Nori (Seaweed)           – ¼ sheet

Broccoli                       – 1 floret

Crab Stick                   – 2 pieces

Quail’s Egg                  – 2 ½

Cherry Tomato            – 1 piece

Cheese                        – 1 slice

Picnic Ham                  – 1 slice

Tamagoyaki                -1 piece

Long Pasta Noodle     – 2 strands, uncooked

Rice (colored by turmeric)

for Pikachu’s face 50g, for hands 7g each and 10g for the ears.



  1. Shape the rice for the face, ears and hand with plastic wrap and attach each the body parts together.
  2. For the ears, wrap a bit of Nori over the top/ ends of the ears to form the dark part.
  3. For the face, add the eyes and mouth that are cut from cheese and ham.
  4. Place the sliced tomato (or tomato ketchup) for the cheeks
  5. Using the same size cutting tool, punch out 2 small circles from one quail egg and then punch out 2 circles of. Attach or push the ham into the circles inlet of the egg that has been cut out. This is to form the buttons of the snowman.
  6. Slice off the top of a quail egg and attach the 2 eggs together with a strand of long pasta to form the shape of a snowman.
  7. Place crab stick hat to the snowman and add the eye and nose with nori and ham
  8. Cut the tomato into half and cut the egg into half and combines together with a piece of pasta and wrap the nori belt. Add mini circle cheese for the monster ball
  9. Cut some cheese and ham as stat shape with a mold and attaché to a piece of broccoli with pasta.