Singapore, 16 May 2018 –EN Group, the mastermind behind top Japanese dining restaurants EN Sakaba, EN Japanese Dining Bar and Monster Curry is proud unveil their fourth restaurant, EN Shabu, with the stunning, first ever Kyushu Taki Nabe hot pot in Singapore.

Set in the thriving heartland mall of the East in Parkway Parade, and just a stone’s throw away from sister brand, Monster Curry; Shabu EN will focus on affordable contemporary Japanese cuisine embodying a local’s favourite – Shabu Shabu dining.  Helmed by head chef Tatsuya Nagayama, the restaurant celebrates the union of everyday fresh ingredients with premium and award winning produce direct from Japan’s ranch. The flavours are further enhanced by Chef Tatsuya’s original recipes, especially the soup bases & sauces of Kyushu Taki Nabe that brings out the umami of the ingredients. Shabu EN will be a hard target to miss, especially with its new jumbo Kyushu Taki Nabe menu, taking diners off the beaten track and transporting them into a new realm of Japanese hotpot wonder! 

Originating from Kyushu, Japan, the Taki Nabe features a specially designed 40cm wide hotpot and breaks new grounds by introducing a new way of enjoying the steamboat dish, adding an innovative spin to the unvarying shabu shabu. With an extension built all around the boiling pot of broth, a load of Grade A5 Miyazaki champion Wagyu and Iberico Pork Belly are painstakingly arranged over a stack of fresh cabbage and garnished with spring onions that goes around the pot, circling the boiling pot of stock.

The difference between a regular shabu shabu and the Kyushu Taki Nabi is the way you cook and eat it. To enjoy the hot pot, simply push whole chunks of the prized ingredients directly into the pot of boiling hot soup; which reminds one of the renowned island Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture where inspiration of the dish was drawn. The result is arguably the finest melting pot of shabu shabu flavours around town.



Broth wise, there is certainly no lack of options. Diners can choose from three different soup bases  from favourites like dashi bonito & konbu soup, to Chef Tatsuya’s original creations namely the Paitan Collagen Chicken soup & the Spicy Kara Miso soup. 

Three distinctive kinds of sauces have also been specially formulated to bring out the dish’s umami flavor and stimulate your pallet further. Cutting through the fat of the meat with its tangy flavour is Chef’s original Shiquasa Ponzu sauce, which uses imported Shiquasa fruit direct from Okinawa. The contender is Shabu En’s very own unique special chili sauce. Using carefully selected ingredients  and condiments that enhances the flavours of the cooked meat, this sauce will definitely score among those that love spice! Lastly, the Wasabi Tare is one not to be trifled with as it packs a punch for dare devils looking for that extra Wasabi kick.

The Kyushu Taki Nabe and all its glory is available for an extremely reasonable economical price starting from S$28.80++ *,for a serving of two!  With such astonishing value that includes the 2 times National Wagyu award winning Miyazaki Wagyu beef and premium Iberico pork, Shabu EN has certainly set the stage for a new level of Shabu Shabu dining! “Like sushi, we believe Shabu Shabu is a local favourite and while there are many similar restaurants popping up in Singapore, we need to take ours a step further while maintaining affordability,” said Raymond Ng, Founder & Managing Director of EN Group. “Shabu EN with its signature Kyushu Taki Nabe does just that, bringing in trends that are taking off globally and making dining experiences exotic and out of the ordinary here in Singapore, all at a reasonable cost.”


To further enhance and conclude a perfect dining experience, Shabu EN also offers guests a carefully appointed menu of seven different sets of bento showcasing both unique and regular selections. Aptly named Jyubako Black Box Bento which in Japanese language, refers to a ‘treasure box’; one can expect no less in the quality of ingredients used. Soaring off the chart is the stellar Miyazaki Aburi (seared) Wagyu bento set at a steal of $25++. Also highly anticipated is the Premium Beef Yakiniku set at $15.80++ and coming in close, the Tendon set ($14.80++) with its lightly battered prawn & vegetable tempura, fried to a crisp!



The Kyushu Taki Nabe and Jyubako Black Box bento sets are available at Shabu EN Parkway Parade and at Monster Curry OUE Dowtown outlet and with so much on value tagged to a small price, it is certainly a worthy dining experience that is out of this world!



The A5 Wagyu beef offered at EN Sakaba comes from Miyazakigyu in Japan. This is the best Wagyu from the Miyazaki prefecture and is hand-selected in Japan to ensure quality. In order to qualify the “Miyazakigyu,” name, the wagyu must at least meet Grade A4 or A5 requirements in all key grading categories.


Notable award:

This Miyazaki Wagyu has won successive 1st Place awards in the 9th and 10th Japanese National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu positioning it as the crème de la crème, making it the best Wagyu from Japan and quite literally the best beef in the world.










About Chef
Hailing from Japan, Chef Tatsuya Nagayama first made his culinary debut at 4 Seasons Restaurant.  He then practiced in Sydney, Australia for 5 years and now expanded his international footprint to Singapore. This accomplished but unassuming Japanese chef started humble and believes that customer’s satisfaction is his top priority and that he pays particular attention to the five tastes and colours on his menu. He only uses carefully selected ingredients and condiments that enhances the flavours of Japanese dishes and enjoys working on the recipes with only fresh Japanese ingredients as he believes that their natural flavours are more potent and complementary to the dishes that he creates. The aim is arguably an explosion of umami flavours in diners’ mouths. 

About Shabu EN

Shabu EN is a modern contemporary Japanese reataurant offering diners a fun and communal dining experience with authentic and quality ingredients for its shabu shabu fare. Set in a casual ambience, the restaurant promises great value at affordable prices, great for family dining and celebrations!  


Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road

Parkway Parade #01-11

Singapore 449269

T: 6348 6171



About EN Group
EN Group was established in February 2001 with the birth of its first outlet, En Japanese Dining BarMonster Curry is part of EN Group which also operates its sister outlet En Sakaba. EN Group is helmed by Founder & Managing Director Raymond Ng.

Corporate Philosophy
‘EN’ emulates a celebration for life, a gathering place and fare, all in perfect harmony.

We strive to provide a gastronomical experience with good food, drinks and service with a personal touch, while incorporating a space with an intricate design concept, a relaxed atmosphere and music that will bring your senses to a whole new level.

Acting as platform for people to bond and make everlasting friendships, through their passion for gourmet food and a high-quality lifestyle.

Through our efforts, we aim to share with the world our ideal, dedication and zest for the food and culture of Japan and Okinawa.

Quality & Orignality
A guarantee of high quality and top-grade ingredients.

With imports direct from Japan as well as Okinawa, fresh ingredients are faithfully supplied throughout the seasons that promise the best quality of Japanese food.  Customers are also assured of a chance to appreciate the most authentic Okinawa food culture, unique to most and certainly widely known for its health benefits as well as longevity amongst its people.

Through our utmost sincerity, EN Group strives to provide the best in food and service quality in all our restaurants.