A Japanese Afternoon Tea that evokes Nostalgia

Today, we experienced a wonderful Japanese afternoon tea at Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel.

The Tea Lounge in the hotel, sets the mood just right, with a contemporary colonial garden setting and chic interiors with decorative accent chairs creating an elegant and modern Singapore feel.

Tea Lounge usually offers traditional English style afternoon tea as their preferred choice of style and this is considered rare in Singapore. However, this time, a taste of Japan has been injected into their traditional menu as they welcome the change of season.  The top plate of the 3-tier stand presented several kinds of savory sandwiches such as Hibiki-infused Kobe Beef Roll with Uni Terrine, Sesame Tuna Maguro on Japanese rice cake and Japanese Spider Crab Meat with Pickled Ginger. Our second tier offered the quiche duo filled with Shiitake mushrooms, sweet potato and kurobuta pork belly. The classic scones are then lovingly plated on the last tier. We can chose from either Chef’s warm buttery mikan (Japanese citrus) scone for a refreshing yet subtly tangy taste or the ever versatile plain scone that comes with house-made Sakura jam spread for a taste of Spring. It is sheer joy to be able to experience this sort of “harmony” to through food, and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Fortunately for those looking for more, the hotel offers High Tea buffet separately. One will be spoilt for choice from their list of appetizers, at least 4 types of mains, to their sweet sensational desserts.


The dessert table is decorated with a large Japanese Torri gate, immediately drawing one into the presence of Japanese zen.  Salads, salmon Couscous, cheese, were among the appetizers placed on the table. Under the Sakura tree, you’ll find some of the delicate taste created by their guest chef from Japan, such as Hojicha cream brulee, shiso panna cotta, and Matcha Opera cake and more.


– Interview with Guest Chef Yokota Reiko from Kyoto Four Seasons Hotel –

“Since I was a child, I often make sweets with my mother and I had plans to go into confectionery very much early on; so I worked in various countries around the world and now I work as an assistant pastry chef at Kyoto Four Seasons Hotel.  I aim for a taste that reminds me of a happy temporary memory wrapped in a sweet scent. The sweet made by me is not gaudy, but once in my mouth, various landscapes of Japan naturally forms in my mind, creating a warm sense of nostalgia. Last but not least, I like the fun in tasting changes with a little bit of seasoning. “


If you want to try Chef Yokota’s nostalgic creations, the following 2 desserts are highly recommended

Citrus Eton Mess

Citrus Eton Mess is a British traditional dessert arranged in a Japanese style with layers of Japanese seasonal citrus fruit marinade, yuzu jelly, crème d’ange, yuzu cremeux, lime meringue and mandarin sorbet.

“Give it a good mix and enjoy the fun in tasting the different combination of flavours!” recommends Chef Yokota.

Chocolate Decadence

Chocolate Decadence is a true gem bursting with chocolaty textures.  The base is a crunchy praline, piled with a layer of steamed chocolate cake slow cooked in low temperature for over an hour and a half. On top of that, is the smooth milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet by the side, and then topped with a beautiful chocolate tuile. It is then plated and decorated with passion fruit, raspberry and cassis sauces. Break the tuile like you would to a crème brulee and mix it up to enjoy the different kinds of chocolate with various texture.

When any of Chef Yokota’s dessert enters your mouth, a sense of gentleness and nostalgia over sweeps you. The wonderful combination of flavours and textures evokes scenery of Japan in your memory. I thought without thinking “I want to return to Japan!” The main dessert is made up of the delicate balance of each ingredient and flavour, and it creates splendid harmony when combined in the mouth. Chef’s Yokota’s knowledge of ingredients and her technical skills are truly expressed through her creations.

Tea Lounge’s Japanese afternoon tea is held from 12 – 5 PM on weekdays until June 29th 2018.

I’d recommend you to go and have a taste of this beautiful Japanese Afternoon Tea yourself even if you already have plans this week!

Price: S $ 45 + + / Person (50% off the second pax, promotion is currently on until the end of November)

Weekend afternoon teas are buffet style and guests can look forward to items such as Teriyaki  and  Sake-infused Wagyu  Beef Tataki; a decadent Caviar  Station; a local counter featuring Chef’s signature Lobster  Laksa  with  Rice  Noodles  and  X.O.  Sauce; King Scallop   Congee   with Sea Cucumber   and   Goji   Berries; and other Singaporean favourites.

The  Weekend  High  Tea  Buffet is  priced  starting  from  $65  per  person  and  available  on Saturday and Sunday. 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For more information please visit http://www.regenthotels.com/regent-singapore/dining/tea-lounge

Photos by: Yasuko A.K.

Text By:Yasuko A.K. & Shoko Y from Team Spoonful