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Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners!

Thursday 11/03/2021 @ 10:00 - 13:00

japanese meal

Ultimate Japanese food class for Beginners” (Hands-On practice) will be held! ! ! *

Students learn about 4 to 5 recipes per session (16 recipes in total) through practical training, including hygiene concepts, how to make stock, how to cook rice, boiled dishes, fried dishes, sushi, side dishes, party menus, and desserts.
We named this class “Ultimate” because of the class structure that we thought so that the correct taste of Japanese food can be reproduced at home.
“We want to convey the right message”, and as a company that supports the philosophy of SDG’s 2030 goals, we teach students how to avoid Food Waste when it comes to food preparation and cooking.
This class is made up of the passion of the instructor and Team Spoonful’s enthusiasm

Number of participants:3 (scheduled)

Beginner level



[Three major benefits ]
①After the event, we will create a group chat for 4 months, and participants can follow-up to ask questions.
② Issue certificate
(Helpers will be confident!)
③Exclusive gift from instructor Chiyomi Kawasaki! – Self-produced sushi vinegar!

Please inquiry : info@alchemist.sg



Chiyomi Kawasaki


Ms Chiyomi believes in delicious and healthy food that people could eat every day and feel warm, satisfied and relieved after their meals. Japanese food is often considered difficult to prepare but her style of teaching makes it simple.

Her lessons are crafted upon the philosophy of having 3 dishes and 1 soup for a complete meal and her technique to bring out the umami flavor is by using high-quality kelp and bonito dashi which enhances her recipes to be more flavourful and every day’s food much healthier as they are lower in saturated fat!

Chiyomi sensei teaches from basic to advanced levels. It is her passion to cook and teach Japanese home cooking, especially to people all over the world.


Chef Qualification (Japan)

First Class Decoration Sushi Instructor Qualification

The Food Hygiene Manager (Japan)


Ambassador of Sushi in the year 2017

Kelp Ambassador from the year 2017

Retrieve Miso Soup Culture Committee member from 2017

Progress History

2011 A Japanese instructor chef to the chefs at Four Seasons Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt.

2013 Started to promote decorative sushi in Japan.

2014 Moved to Singapore and started promoting Japanese home cooking.

2017 Trained maids/helpers to make Japanese dishes and Japanese home cooking. Instructed a total of over 250 helpers.

2017 At the Japanese Association of Singapore, garnished sushi and Japanese home cooking courses, four seasons courses, Instructed and taught a decorative sushi course for parents and children.

2018 Began comprehensive personal guidance on cleaning and daily work for helpers.
2019 Promoting Japanese Decorative Sushi Roll, conducted a workshop for Helpers in Malaysia and a Japanese cooking bonanza cooking class.


Celebrating 55 years of Singapore-Japan Relations


Be sure to read and understand before applying for our event.
Images are for references only.
Cancellation after class registration will not be accepted unless the event is cancelled by the organiser.
Spoonful will not be liable for any food allergies. Please participate in the event at your own risk.
* Please bring along your own takeaway storage containers.


Within 5 mins from Red Hill MRT station. Exact address will be provided upon confirmation. MRT RED HILL駅から5分の会場 詳細は予約後にご連絡します。
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