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Online Class ~Japanese Kombu ~ Suitable for Vegans

Sunday 29/11/2020 @ 10:00 - 11:30

$35 – $36

Join us in Singapore’s first “Kelp Umami” online class, conducted by the creator of kelp water, kelp expert “Kombu Uncle”, Kiyomitsu Kitajo who has over 50 years of experience as a kelp wholesaler in Japan!

Kombu is the Japanese word for Kelp, a kind of sea cabbage or seaweed. When you put Kombu in water, it becomes kombu broth that enriches the flavour of food, attaining “Umami”. It is also said to have many health and beauty benefits.

Join us in this special online class and learn directly from experts, everything you know or didn’t know about Kombu.  This underutilized treasure which is not often used in other cuisines in other parts of the world is now attracting worldwide attention about “umami and health, and its effects” of Kombu. Learning more about kombu will certainly enrich your life as the kelp itself enriches your dish.

Instructor Chiyomi Kawasaki, a Japanese cooking researcher living in Singapore, will be demonstrating some recipes with Kombu, that can be used for home cooking.

This class is conducted in the English Language.

Contents of the Class:

  • History of Kombu
  • Kombu nutrients
  • About glutamic acid in Kombu and initialization of taste
  • Cooking demo by Chiyomi Kawasaki Sensei. Menu:  Kombu Pizza, Kombu Miso Soup & Kombu tibits for snacking! *These dishes are suitable for vegans.
  • Kombu crisis
  • The future of Kombu
  • End of Class



Kombu expert “Kombu Uncle, Kiyomitsu Kitajo”

Recognizing the significance of being born in a Kombu shop for 50 years as a Kombu wholesaler,

we are currently conducting PR and enlightenment activities for “UMAMI and health” by Kombu around the world.

Known as the creator of Kombu water, his mission is to convey the “UMAMI” of Kombu responsibly.

About Chiyomi Kawasaki

She is culinary expert living in Singapore. She has taught Japanese food to more than 1000 foreign helpers.
The number one in the world for issuing diplomas for decorative sushi from the Tokyo Sushi Academy.
She has a lot of collaboration experience with major companies such as Kikkoman and Shiseido. Following Egypt, a Japanese food researcher who is active globally in Singapore.


(Purchase of Kombu)

If you apply from the E-Commerce site (only during 2020), you can enjoy free shipping to Singapore. For overseas customers, please contact the EC shop directly.

 EC sitehttps://shop-kombu.com



【Please read this:(TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY)

After applying for this class, we will send you the recipe one week to three days in advance. Cancellation after sending the recipe will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

Please apply before 13th November 4pm.

We do not handle individual food allergies. Please participate in the event at your own risk.

To join, you will need a device and WIFI connect that allows you to connect to ZOOM.

☆During the class, we will record a video of the ZOOM class.

The video may be shown (sold) to our marketing or those who want to watch the video for a fee at a later date.

For this reason, if you do not wish to show your image, please turn off the video after confirming your attendance.