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-Fully Booked- Rustic French Classics -Terrine, Rillettes & Pâté

Wednesday 06/11/2019 @ 11:00 - 14:00

Free – $109

Thank you for your interest. This class is currently conducted in the Japanese language. Please contact us at info@alchemist.sg should you be interested in an English class. Thank you!

About The Class

Learn the secrets to making 3 country-style rustic French dishes with us – Savour some authentic terrine, pork rillettes and pâté made with chicken liver and mushrooms! Then enjoy the ones pre-made by our instructor as lunch, alongside salad & pickles.

A traditional terrine is a slow-cooked dish baked in the oven for at least over an hour, locking in all the juices from the meat. Baking in the oven creates a robust, chunky, texture and it usually consists of one through to several types of strongly flavored meats or fish and seafood. Traditionally, game meats and pork are often used.

Rillettes are similar to Pâtés and were made with fatty pork belly or pork shoulder in the olden times. The meat is usually cubed, salted and cured then cooked slowly over low heat until very tender and then shredded and blended with warm cooking fat to form a rustic paste. The Rillettes we make in class will go under pressure for 40 minutes in a pressure cooker.

Pâtés (pastes) more often are smooth, light and are usually made with duck or chicken livers. Liver pâté takes lesser time to prepare, but all three items are actually a form of preserved food and will be served the day after it is made.

The cooking method around these French classics centers around slow-cooking ensuring that the dish soaks up all the flavours for taste and then you can refrigerate it at home and enjoy it the next day.

What’s included in the ticket fee
Lesson fee, ingredients, apron on loan,  printed recipes

What to bring

Three take away storage containers, like the transparent containers pictured below

Large size for Terrine, medium size for the Rillettes, and the small size is the liver pâté.


If you have long nails or painted/gelled manicured nails, you may be asked to wear vinyl gloves on the day.
(Available at the venue.) Please remove any rings and bracelets while working on the food.




– Rillettes


About Culinary Instructor Madame Simon

Mdme Eiko Simon













Culinary Instructor Madame Eiko Simon lived in Paris for more than 15 years and mastered her skills at several culinary schools including Boulangerie (Baker shop in French). Armed with her very own homemade French cuisine recipes which were passed down by her mother-in-law, she now stays in Singapore with her French husband and works as a culinary instructor and an event coordinator at Spoonful. In Singapore, she teaches at the Japanese Association regularly too.
Cooking certification: Ryo-ken (Tokyo 2014) Master Chef Techniques, La Cuisine des Chefs (Paris 2013-4) French-bread making, MAISON LANDEMAINE (Paris 2015) Ecole de Boulangerie EBP (Paris 2014).

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