Morsels – A Trendy Restaurant Specialising in Fermented Food – Part 2

Although the concept of restaurants incorporating fermented food in their menu is relatively new in Singapore, Chef Petrina has been familiar with fermented food since her childhood days. It was Petrina’s father-in-law who inspired and spurred her interest in food. He taught her how to select ingredients in a wet market and how to cook. He was also the one who advised her to take some fermented food to a chef whose body was weak and from there, her interest in fermented food sparkled. From then, Petrina travelled around the world as a banker. At age 29, she went to America to study at the California Culinary Academy, she was then trained at the Michelin starred restaurant, Spruce, Atelier Corn and so on.   After her studies, she opened her own restaurant, Morsel in Singapore’s Little India in 2013. In 2017, the restaurant expanded and moved to Dempsey.

Chef Patrina from Morsel

The chef ‘s creativity and skills continue to shine in her selection of main courses.

First on the list is House -poached Octopus – an octopus dish accentuated by Tobiko and Singapore’s popular salted egg yolk sauce. Gentle taste is female preference. Its gentle taste is a favourite among the ladies.

House-poached Octopus


Primrose Farms St. Louis Pork Ribs takes the second slot – Turmeric Braised Pork Ribs in Orange Glaze with Cauliflower Pineapple Achar, HK Kailan and served with Spiced Basmati Rice. The addition or pairing of the sweet Acha, which is eaten in Southeast Asia as a snack or appetizer, is innovative.


Primrose Farms St. Louis Pork Ribs

Ora King Salmon Aburi is next on the menu. The broiled salmon is presented with a visual impact that gives an encouraging and cheering voice.  Served with Baek Kimchi in Hot & Sour Szechuan sauce together with Butterfly Pea FLower Meringue, Dashi Steamed Barley and House-cured Ikura, a unification of tastes comes together in every mouthful.

Ora King Salmon Aburi

We then see Toriyama Wagyu Chuck Roll with Caper Emulsion and Baby Potato next in line.

The Akagi Wagyu beef from Toriyama Ranch has been cooked to perfection under a well-controlled heat. The culmination of the Wagyu beef and other ingredients makes it a perfect dish.

Toriyama Wagyu Chuck Roll

Desserts are next to soften the ending in a sweet touch. Morsel’s signature Tiramiso brings Miso & Tiramisu to the next level. In this popular favourite, the taste of Miso is delicately hidden in a tiramisu.

Morsels’ Signature Tiramiso

Galangal (Thai ginger) Panna Cotta tops the chart next.  The combination of Galangal-infused cream, with Apricot Gochujang Sauce and Brown Butter Granola, is simply exquisite.

Galangal Panna Cotta

If the Tiramiso and Galangal Panna Cota did not make you stay, the Parsnip Banana Cake served with raisins, Poached Pear in Yuzu Sauce, White Chocolate Gorgonzola Sauce, and Candied Walnuts will definitely make your day. It certainly made mine.


Parsnip Banana Cake


Dish by dish, each and every item on the menu has been carefully thought through and constructed.  It’s a restaurant where you will anticipate and enjoy seeing what’s next. Under the whip-hands of Chef Petrina, a new taste incorporating fermented food as one of the key ingredients is born, making it a new and modern fermented food cuisine. Here, I wish that many give it a try and enjoy this exciting new taste! Because unfamiliar ingredients are used, please use this blog as a guide!


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Address: 25 Dempsey Road, #01-04, 249670

Tel: 6266-3822


Operational Hours:

Brunch: Sunday 11:00-15:00

Lunch: Tuesday – Saturday  12:00-15:00

Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 18:00-22:00 (Friday & Saturday till 22:30)