Sakura Raindrop Cake

In the mood for springtime in Japan? Whip up this easy Sakura Rain Drop Cake (or Jelly if you prefer) in no time and be mesmerized by the enchanted beauty of the cherry blossoms.



Makes 4 x ~ 5cm spheres


5g             Konnyaku Jelly Powder (unsweetened)
12-15g      Sugar
4-6 pcs     Preserved Sakura flowers
400ml       Hot water at 90 degree Celsius

Kuromitsu / Kinako or any other condiments to pair with the jelly. (Optional)


  • Soak the preserved cherry blossoms in warm water to remove some salt.
  • In a small pot, add konnyaku powder & sugar together. Gently give it a stir to mix it evenly.
  • Over a stove, turn on low heat and gradually add the hot water while stirring constantly. Do not add water all at one go.
  • Remove the pot from the stove right before water boils.
  • Pour mixture into mould.
  • Slowly add sakura flowers in. Open the petals slightly if they are folded.
  • Cool it down in the refrigerator for at least 30 mins.
  • Serve with kuromitsu (dark sugar syrup) & Kinako (soybean flour) or any condiment which you may like.
















– Recipe by Candice Cheong, our Behind-the-Scene Marketing Think-Tank / Late Night Baker!- 

About the author:

Candice Cheong heads Marketing at Spoonful. She stems from an Advertising and Marketing Communications background having graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia and has been working in the media industry for more than 15 years. Her passion for food led her to Spoonful and she’s inspired by teammates here, further fueling her hobby in baking. As a mom of two young kids, Candice works in the day and bakes at night, earning her the nickname The Late Night Baker. Besides baking, she has an innate passion for all things Japanese, travel, and a keen interest in photography.  Follow Candice on Instagram @dice97