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Japanese Fukusaya Castella Cake with Close To 400 Years of History Makes Its Debut in Singapore! 

  SINGAPORE, 11 August 2021 Isetan Singapore is proud to announce the launch of Fukusaya Castella –  a Japanese castella cake brand from Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan, with almost 400 years of history This time-honoured and well-celebrated confectionery brand will make its debut in Singapore on 20th August 2021 at Isetan Scotts Supermarket. A little history:…

Classic Lemon Tart Recipe

French-style lemon tart filled with creamy lemon curd in a crumbly tart crust that tastes just like a cookie. This classic tarte au citron will certainly wow you with it’s sweet and tangy flavours, balanced with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh fruit.

White Roll Cake with Whole Oranges

This charming white roll cake with whole oranges takes the meaning of refreshing to a new level! The tangy acidic orange goes really well with the sweet soft sponge. Packed with all the goodness of oranges and the happiness of cake, what more could you ask for?