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Japanese Traditional Desserts – Ichigo Daifuku and Warabi Mochi Online Class (ENG)

Sunday 17/05/2020 @ 14:00 - 15:15

$30 – $31

Japanese desserts are always so zen and mesmerizing! Come and learn how to make traditional Japanese Desserts with us! We’ll be teaching how to make the beloved Ichigo Daifuku and the ever-popular Warabi Mochi, two desserts in one class!

This class is conducted in the English Language.

Ichigo (Strawberry) Daifuku – You can easily make chewy daifuku at home by using just a microwave oven! Pairing it with the freshness of strawberries and red bean paste creates an exquisite taste.

Basic Ingredients:

Shiratama Flour (or Glutinous Rice Flour)
Anko (Japanese Red Bean Paste)
Potato starch

Warabi Mochi   –  This is a chilled Mochi-like dessert, usually served with Kinako (powdered soybean) and sugar in Japan.  this is a very popular dessert and has been enjoyed by many people for a thousand years during Japan’s hot and humid summer.

warabi mochi

Basic Ingredients:

Potato starch
Kinako Powder


Participation fee: S $ 30

This is an online class conducted via Zoom. Please have your computers and or ingredients ready should you wish to make it together as we conduct the class.

Language: English

Recipe: We will inform participants of the necessary materials and tools in advance. The recipe will be sent on the day of participation.)


About Instructor

Ms Chiyomi believes in delicious and healthy food that people could eat every day and feel warm, satisfied and relieved after their meals. Japanese food is often considered difficult to prepare but her style of teaching makes it simple.

Her lessons are crafted upon the philosophy of having 3 dishes and 1 soup for a complete meal and her technique to bring out the umami flavor is by using high-quality kelp and bonito dashi which enhances her recipes to be more flavourful and every day’s food much healthier as they are lower in saturated fat!

Chiyomi sensei teaches from basic to advanced levels. It is her passion to cook and teach Japanese home cooking, especially to people all over the world.



Chef Qualification (Japan)

First Class Decoration Sushi Instructor Qualification

The Food Hygiene Manager (Japan)



Ambassador of Sushi in the year 2017

Kelp Ambassador from year 2017

Retrieve Miso Soup Culture Committee member from 2017


Progress History

2011 A Japanese instructor chef to the chefs at Four Seasons Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt.

2013 Started to promote decorative sushi in Japan.

2014 Moved to Singapore and started promoting Japanese home cooking.

2017 Trained maids/helpers to make Japanese dishes and Japanese home cooking. Instructed a total of over 250 helpers.

2017 At the Japanese Association of Singapore, garnished sushi and Japanese home cooking courses, four seasons courses, Instructed and taught a decorative sushi course for parents and children.

2018 Began comprehensive personal guidance on cleaning and daily work for helpers.
2019 Promoting Japanese Decorative Sushi Roll, conducted a workshop for Helpers in Malaysia and a Japanese cooking banza cooking class. As an instructor at Spoonful, she also conducted events at various major companies including SHISEIDO.


Sunday 17/05/2020
14:00 - 15:15
$30 – $31
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