mini cup cake

kokonoe kitchen’s cup cake mix with Japanese fresh eggs

Famous for its high-quality eggs from, Oita Japan, kokonoE kitchen has launched “DIY Cupcake Set”.


As you see, all in one box!

kokonoe DIY1


Even their famous eggs are in the set!

kokonoe DIY2


You can leave to the kids to bake.

kokonoe DIY3


Mix followed by recipe.

kokonoe diy 4


Combine the flour and mix of eggs.

kokonoe DIY


Divide into 8 cups. (Cups are included to the set too.)

kokonoe DIY


Bake in the pre-heated oven (180 degree) about 10 min!

kokonoe DIY 7


Great result!

kokonoe diy7


Enjoy for your tea time!

mini cup cake


【Spoonful’s review】

□All in one-set is good for stress-free for shopping!

□High-quality egg makes the taste surely good.

□Good for kids activities.

□You could select from 3 flavors: plain, matcha and chocolate

□No failure thanks for the pre-mix flour.

□Good for the gifts.



【Product & Shop Info】

KokonoE Kitchen

TEXT&PHOTO by Yasuko AOKI (A representative of Spoonful)